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I’m finally done with this crossover holy shit

Mink!Kou was inspired by a tag I saw from my first photoset. While I drew it for fun, I do believe it is the best thing I’ve ever drawn in my entire life. Also, thank you to tatezame for suggesting that I draw Makoto listening to music!

I had to reverse the roles in the MakoHaru one because jfc Koujaku is tall goddamn

First photoset

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I thought I’d share two of my favorite maps from the Atlas of Prejudice, France and Austria. (Now all I need in my life is Francis and Roderich acting upon these stereotypes haha god im such hetalia trash)

Buy the book here

Obviously not enough of you are seeing this because fucking France has the best stereotypes

First there’s Italy

And then the UK is


But the best part is obviously found in Africa

Fucking France

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